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4minute‘s HyunA, who is labeled as the ‘Lee Hyori‘ of her generation, recently opened up about her individual appeals and charm.

On December 2nd, the singer met with a few reporters at a local restaurant and stated,”It’s an honor that I am being compared to a senior like Lee Hyori. However, I don’t think I will ever be able to achieve what she has accomplished, and therefore I would like to appeal to the fans with my own unique charms. I would like to create my own sort of trademarks, so that people will immediately be able to recognize it as ‘HyunA’. I’m really thankful to Lee Hyori sunbaenim. When I was promoting “Bubble Pop“, she helped me quite a bit.”

And in regards to her own charms, she remarked, “The HyunA that you see on stage and the HyunA you meet on variety programs express two different images, and I think people find the combination of the two to be attractive.”

HyunA was also asked how she felt about exuding overwhelming sex appeal for a girl so young, to which she laughed and responded, “Have I become so dreadfully mature already?”

HyunA was recently at the 2011 MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) to perform as new unit, ‘Trouble Maker‘, with B2ST‘s Jang Hyun Seung on November 29th in Singapore.