Home » Hyorin and Joo Young releases ‘Erase’ MV


A collaborative track “Erase” has finally been released from artists SISTAR‘S Hyorin and Joon  Young of  The Starship.

K Pop diva Hyorin and R&B artist Joo Young have come up with an emotional jazz and R&B track. Hyorin play a dual role, a cold city woman and a sexy graceful woman, while Joo Young is a stylish bad boy.

Together, they will be singing a realistic emotional love-hate relationship that leads to break up. The song also features the rap of Iron from “Show Me The Money”, Cross Gene’s Takuya appear in  the music video playing the role of a chic and a suave bartender.


Hyorin and Joo Young will start its promotion by performing on Minet’s M Countdown. Get yourself acquainted with the song by checking it out on their music video.