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Singer Hwanhee (29) has finally begun his military service at the Choongnam Army Training Facility on October 27th. He will receive basic training for the next 4 weeks before moving on to serve as a public service officer for the next 2 years.

Just before he entered the military, Hwanhee held a fan meeting with 100 Korean and Japanese fans, as well as various members of the press. His Japanese fans flew in from across the sea and rented two tour buses to see him off. After he showed off his new hair, he gave a military salute to his fans before holding his final interview with the press.

Check it out below!


Q. How are you feeling right now?

“I wasn’t nervous before, but once I got here, I started getting nervous. However, after seeing someone here who has the same hair cut as me, I relaxed a little.”

Q. What did you do yesterday?

“I was in the recording studio for MYNAME‘s project. I didn’t get a wink of sleep. The day before yesterday, I was with Kim Tae Woo and Lyn. I felt sad. Wheesung and KCM will be going into military service too, so I will miss them a lot.”

Q. What did Kim Tae Woo, who has already gone through military service, tell you?

“He told me to enjoy myself since it’s something that all men must go through.”

Q. How did your fellow Fly to the Sky member, Brian Joo, cheer you on?

“Brian sent me a text yesterday. He told me to do my best, and that he believes I will do well. I think Brian was saddened by the situation. However, due to MYNAME’s project, I couldn’t go meet him. Because this was so sudden, I also didn’t have time to meet up with my family or my other friends.”

Q. Who are you thinking about the most right now?

“I’m thinking a lot about my family.”

Q. You’re going into service at a late age.

“Kim Tae Woo told me once I enter military service, most of the people there will be younger than me. However, I’m going to try my best to do well. My father told me that even if the higher rank officers are younger than me, I should be understanding and do all that they ask of me. So if they tell me to sing, I will sing (laughs).”

Q. What do you want to ask for from your fellow female celebrities?

“While I’m doing my service, it would be nice if female celebrities who know me would write to me often (laughs).”

Q. Any last words for the fans?

“I debuted as an idol and am now entering the military as an adult-idol. Thank you for being fans for so long. I will come back as more of a man than before and will pay you back with even better songs and acting. Please wait for me until then. Thank you.”