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Rookie actor Go Dae Hyun recently sat down with E-Daily concerning his role as a gay character in the movie “I Envy You“.  He discussed some of the psychological effects he’s had following the movie’s completion.

Go Dae Hyun was praised for his role in the film, which was entered in the Junju International Film Festival back in 2008.  “In the movie, there was a kiss scene and a light bed scene.  After I finished the film, it took me two months to let myself go from the character.  I was depressed to the point of having to rely on alcohol.”

He continued, “It was psychologically hard to handle so I always chanted to myself to get myself in the right mindset.  I knew that I didn’t love my co-star, but it also felt like I wasn’t not in love him either.  I subconsciously tried to defend my feelings and just naturally drifted away from my co-stars.”

The real problem came after, in that he was now only being offered roles specifically in the gay genre.  “People would come up to me and say that he liked the movie and offer me some roles.  I was really happy, only to find out that the role was another gay character.  I once even received a proposal from another male.”

Go continued, “Actors will often refuse to film half-way through filming and production companies will just dump the entire production itself because they’re afraid of public opinion.  That’s why they’ll look for the same actors that followed through with their roles.  In order to pursue a larger diversity of roles, I don’t want to take on such roles again.”

Concluding the interview, he said, “I want to try new things.  I’m confident in playing the role of a cold looking, modern city man with a warm heart, or maybe even the role of an antagonist.  I don’t hope of becoming a big star or landing a big role.  I just want to become an actor that continues to improve with each new project.”