Home » Go Ara talks abot BoA, Yunho and SNSD!

On December 13th, actress Go Ara attended the production conference for her movie, ‘Papa‘, at the Lotte Cinema with co-star Park Yong Woo.

Park Yong Woo complimented Go Ara on her exceptional dance skills, to which she replied, “My character, Jun, is a highly talented one, so for two months, all I did was learn how to play the guitar, study English, dance, and sing.”

She added, “Before my debut, I also rehearsed with a few members of SNSD as a group. It wasn’t anything major.”

When asked whether she thought she was prettier than SNSD, she replied, “Of course not. SNSD is so very pretty. Whenever I’m watching SNSD’s performances, I’m always chanting their names.”

When asked which SM Entertainment label mate gave her the most help, she said, “BoA unni came back after filming for her movie in the States, and gave me a lot of advice and some help with my English lines. Since I was set to film a scene requiring powerful dance moves, Yunho oppa would come and watch sometimes, noticing my lack in power. He told me to work harder.”

Park Yong Woo stated, “She’s a great dancer — so much so that I thought she was trained in it before she debuted. I thought that Go Ara had trained to become a singer for a few years, but that wasn’t the case, which makes it all the more impressive.”

‘Papa’ hits theaters January 2012