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Sitting down for an interview, Girl's Day shared some stories that they felt were embarrassing.

Yura revealed, “I had to buy something at COEX so Minah and I headed for the mall. Even though we didn’t have any make-up on, nobody recognized us. One young man even came up to us and said that he wanted our numbers.”

Maknae Hyeri revealed that she had received a casting offer while waiting for her manager outside the beauty salon. He had claimed that he owned one of the biggest agencies in Korea. “I didn’t care that he didn’t recognize me since nobody does when I walk around outside. I just felt bad because he felt like a fraud.”

Minah took it a step further by saying, “I went to Dongdaemun to go shopping. While looking around the stores, someone came up to me and asked if I wanted to be a fitting model.” Jihae added that she was waiting at the bus stop when a man stopped his car and told her that he’d give her a ride to her destination.

The fact that all of this happened during their “Twinkle Twinkle” promotions, which many consider to be the height of their fame, made the girls feel that these were the most embarrassing moments in their career.

Leader Sojin said, “We hang out on our own when we’re not at broadcast halls. Sometimes students will come up to us in packs but it’s not uncomfortable. When I look on Twitter, fans will leave comments like, ‘I saw you buying chicken, it was really nice to see you.’  It makes me want to work harder because I realize that people are watching over us.”