Home » Girl’s Day shared their Chuseok greetings!

Girl’s Day dresses traditional hanbok to give their greetings for the Chuseok holiday.

Jihae kicked things off by stating, “This is our second Chuseok since our debut.  Last year, we spent it in our rehearsal room busily practicing.  We also had a Japanese recording on Lunar New Year’s, so this is our first Chuseok where we’re actually on break!  Even though we have a Japanese debut coming up, we still have some time left to ourselves.”

Yura added, “Our newest digital single is ‘Don’t Let Your Eyes Wander‘.  It’s a message for our fans in case they fall in love with another girl group while we’re in Japan (laughter).”

The girls revealed that their wish for this Chuseok is to see a full moon.  Sojin stated, “Jihae will be acting soon, as she was recently cast for the movie ‘Sound City’.  We’re all auditioning for various roles in advertisement CFs and dramas.  I hope that we slowly work our way up.”

Minah continued, “Yura is really funny, funnier than me.  She’s a member we’ve purposely kept hidden to save the best for last (laughter).  I first started on variety shows without knowing a thing, but the more I learn, the more fun it becomes.  I hope to meet our fans through fun different ways!”

All of the girls concluded, “We want to win #1 on a music program!  Hopefully advance into Europe sometime too!”