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The ladies of Dal Shabet recently sat down for an interview with Kuki News and revealed just how accident-prone member Ga Eun was.
Leader Viki began, “Whenever Ga Eun moves, you hear something crashing and an accident occurs.”
The members revealed, “Sometimes Ga Eun would hit her knee on something while getting in the car, which forces her to lay down for a bit. One time, she even put a cup down on the sofa and managed to almost break it. On another recording, Kim Chang Ryul-ssi asked her to cut something for him with a knife, and while cutting it, she almost cut her own hand. On another program, we heard something burning and turned around to see Ga Eun’s cardigan on fire. Jiyul, who was right next to her, was just fine. These kinds of stuff really only happen to Ga Eun.”
They continued, “On a stage for ‘Music Core‘, she accidentally stomped through the flooring while on ‘Inkigayo‘, she accidentally hit her head on a door while greeting someone backstage. She had to go up on stage with a swollen eye. While at an event in the suburbs, the bugs would only attack Ga Eun, shocking all of us.”
Viki stated, “Before our debut, Ga Eun and I were practicing where we would perform the wave while I was going up and she was going down. She hit her head on something while going down, and the sound was louder than the music. She lost consciousness for about 20 minutes and had to get tested at the hospital. She almost couldn’t even debut. Even now, she’ll cause at least five accidents a day.”
Ga Eun herself commented, “It’s not that I do it on purpose, but these things just happen to me. I’m a ’samjae’ (??; three years of misfortune) so I thought it’d get better after my birthday passed, but it didn’t.”