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On August 28th, MBC’s ‘Section TV‘ went behind-the-scenes for G.NA’s new lingerie photoshoot. On this day, G.NA made several costume changes ranging from cute to sexy, and showed off her “killer” charm. In fact, she mesmerized the entire staff by revealing her perfect “S-line”!

When asked about her naturally ‘gifted body’ during the on-site interview, G.NA answered, “I don’t feel that way at all, but since people say that … I like sweets so my mom scolds me sometimes.”

Also, when asked to pick her best body trait, G.NA shyly replied, “How can I say that myself?,” but hesitantly revealed that she liked the way her legs looked when she wore clothes.

Later, the interview went on to ask G.NA about who her ideal boyfriend. She named fellow labelmate, B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon, as the guy who best embodied her ideal type.

“I like guys who have strong leadership“. She also picked “going to the amusement park” as something she would like to do with her future boyfriend.

credits: allkpop