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After achieving great success in Japan, the idol group FT Island had then shared their thoughts
regarding this achievement and take it on an interview. When the members was asked on what they
feel when they had found out that theywere ranked as first on the Oricon Weekly Chart, the group
stated, “It felt like a movie. We were in the middle of our concert and one of our staff members
ran up to the stage and held up a piece of paper that read, ‘You ranked first on Oricon.’ The
fans that were watching us all burst out with emotions and we just burst into tears. We’re still
not sure how the concert ended because we flew around on stage.”

And then they were askd if it is hard in the beginning, the group revealed,“We cried a lot. We
had crossed over to Japan at the height of our fame in Korea, and we’d be lying if we said we
weren’t upset with our CEO telling us to start over from the floor in Japan. All of our fans had
just suddenly disappeared. Even while studying music in Japan, we thought of a lot of unnecessary
things and were just very lonely and sad. We still remember the taste of the kyudong we ate in
our 10 pyeong-sized dorm. We only ate bacon, ramen, and kyudong and did all of the housework
ourselves. But CNBLUE ended up living in that dorm after us (laughter).”

They were also asked if they thought that their Japanese promotions had helped them in gaining
much, the group said, “If we had been satisfied with our popularity in Korean, we don’t feel that
our skills would have improved. The entire time we were in Japan, we took lessons from various
different teachers and could feel ourselves really growing and improving. We’re proud of being
invited to perform at the Summersonic Rock Festival. We also did 100% of the session in our
latest album as well.”

And so as for their album “Returned”, the group explained, “Because of our Japanese activities,
we weren’t in Korea often. This album is an expression of our return to Korea and our fans. We
wanted to show our gratitude for waiting for us. Our title track, ‘Hello Hello‘, is a very
upbeat, F.T.-style rock song. Although the beat is fun, the lyrics are actually sad in that it’s
about a man holding back a lover that’s leaving him by saying ‘Hello’ instead of ‘Goodbye’.
‘Confession‘ is a song that features all five of our voices and it’s a song thanking our fans for
being with us even when we caused trouble and made them upset. We think only a team like us where
our popularity has been cut can truly feel gratitude towards their fans.”