Home » EXO’s D.O gets kidnapped by a Sasaeng? Only in a remake S.E.S MV fortunately!


Mnet’s EXO 90:2014, EXO’s reality show release remakes of Music Videos featuring each member from EXO. And for this video, it is now our cute D.O!

The concept of the Music Video, EXO’s D.O is held by a sasaeng fan.  The remake Music Video  is from the song of S.E.S’ “I’m Your Girl“. The MV begins with the scene that D.O is being observed by a mysterious woman that is wearing glasses.  After that he was shot by a dart and made him unconscious then he finds himself in a house full of his own pictures! In the video the sasaeng fan keeps on shooting darts on him and he can’t even avoid it. Though the concept is kind of creepy, D.O make it a little sweet through his cuteness and also because of the song and the computer graphics were colorful. But the twist to this music video is that it was all just D.O’s dream! Mnet promised that  If the Music Video has 300,000 views on YouTube, fans can expect some extra goodies from Mnet.


Have you watched the video yet? If not, here it is:

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