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As we all know, JYJ is currently in the middle of the US tour leg of their World Tour. All of their fans in Korea are seriously waiting for them to be back and have their two final shows that will be done on the 11th and 12th of June in Busan. However, just like on their past concerts, getting a ticket for this concert will be difficult and utterrly a complete challenge. Even though the trio has many fans in Japan, the country was not listed as their stop in the World Tour. Because of this, it is expected that large amounts of Japanese people will be flocking in Korea to attend their Busan concert.

Ragarding this, Baek Chang Joo of CJES had expressed, “We are currently thinking of a plan for domestic fans as they have been notified that a large block of tickets have already been bought by Japan.” He had also stated that even the trio are having busy schedules, there is a possibility of getting another concert but it will be not in Busan, “… Taking the fans into consideration, we are currently fixing the schedules so that we can add one more performance in a location other than Busan.“

On the other hand, regarding the ticketing for their concert in Busan, the trio’s management company had also released such statements as it reads,

** The date that we previously announced (26th of May, Thursday) has been changed to the 27th of May, Friday.

Please take note that the the accurate communication between the venue and the ticket sales office may be delayed.

Date: 27th of May, Friday at 8PM
Distributor: Interpark

Seating class and pricing (including tax):
VIP seating: 143,000
R Seating: 132,000
S Seating: 110,000
A Seating: 88,000
B Seating: 55,000
C Seating: 33,000

Once again, sorry for the confusion caused in the ticketing.

We hope for your understanding.

Thank you for always.
It is very much expected that all the concert tickets will be only taking up minutes to be sold out so to all of their fans, be ready to purchase!