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Idol turned hip hop artist and variety star Eun Ji Won has finally returned to the music scene with ‘What U Are’ featuring female rapper GilMe.

His last single was released back in 2012, making his new song ‘What U Are’ his first comeback after two years and six months.

Eun ji won

However, the artist has revealed that he would not be promoting his new album on music shows on TV.

Eun Ji Won’s agency GYM Entertainment reveals, “He would only be appearing in ‘Hello Counselor’ and in the readio show ‘Cultwo Show’. Eun Ji Won would not be appearing on music shows.”

The agency further adds, “Eun Ji Won has prepared on this album for a long time, he wants to prove himself based solely with the music he has.”

Regarding the music shows, the agency commented, “The music show programs has changed a lot, as he has not been able to be in a music show after such a long time, Eun Ji Won is very shy at appearing in the same stage as his juniors.”

Previously, it has been revealed that Eun Ji Won would have two title tracks for his album. ‘What U Are’ was pre-released on June 1 while the other track and the mini album would be released on June 8.

Watch the MV for Eun Ji Won’s ‘What U Are’ feat GilMe below:

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