Home » DBSK’s Changmin and Super Junior’s Siwon are the Trainee VIPs!!

On the 27th of June, MBC Come to Play has a special episode in which involves the SM Town. In the show, the artists revealed on which members of the company were the top trainees back in the day. The artists chosen DBSK’s Changmin and Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Shindong.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk explained, “When top quality trainees first join the company, all the other trainees hear rumors about them and start to feel a sense of rivalry. Back in the day, the top three trainees were Changmin, Siwon, and Shindong.” And added, “Changmin garnered a lot of attention because he was a straight A student and looked a lot like our senior, Kangta. Siwon was also famous because of his good looks.”

Leeteuk also stated, “As for Shindong, we all assumed he’d have explosive vocals to sort of make up for the way he looks,” creating so much laughter in the set.

Leeteuk also shared, “When VIP trainees enter the agency, the trainees begin to stir. And Choikang Changmin and Choi Siwon were VIPs.”

He  also said, “Because he was already famous at school and was a pretty boy who looked like Kangta, the female trainees really liked him but the male trainees kept them in check,” and “So I said that I’d judge him after watching him sing, but he was really good at singing and I said I wouldn’t receive his greetings, but he was so good and sincere at his greetings.“

Shindong then stated that SM Entertainment prohibited him to stand in the middle because his round figure may create an illusion that the other members are round just like him.