Home » Dal Shabet shared tips on how to know artists that are dating each other

The ladies of Dal Shabet recently invited reporters to their rehearsal room for a fun interview on the topic of dating between idol members. The girls claimed that they had even seen three idol star couples at once, and reporters were definitely all ears to hear the details.

With sparkling eyes, they stated, “When guys get together, they talk about girls, but girls are the same way.  Back at the dorm, we do talk about guys a lot.  Idols are humans too, you know..”


When asked whether they were ever hit on, leader Viki revealed, “I’m the type that supports relationships between idols.  If I was ever hit on, I think I’d welcome it.  Still, I do think people should be cautious about going public with their relationships.”

Viki explained that most of them were too young and unsure of their futures to go public with such an important aspect of their lives.  Especially since fans were sensitive to such issues and they were prone to rumors, she said that there were just too many ways to get hurt by going public with it.

She continued, “Of course we know who’s dating who between idol stars, why we wouldn’t?  I once saw even three couples dating at once.”  When reporters said that they didn’t believe her, she said, “You can tell just by looking at them.”

So who are those idol couples?  “That’s a secret.  With these two tips, all you need to do is think and look around a bit, and you’ll be able to find who’s dating who.”