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Still with the line of Big Bang’s Daesung accident, all the CCTV evidence about this accident was already sent to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Yes, the autopsy is still not done. Since the motorcyclist is dead, they run an autopsy to see if the singer killed him or he was already dead on the road before Daesung run into him.

One of the officials in charge at the Seoul Yeongdeungpo Police Station stated, yesterday, “The autopsy results were to be released on June 15th; however the results have been postponed.” He continued with, “There will be a slight delay from Wednesday’s expected release but the results from the autopsy will definitely be available by the end of this weekend.” He added, “The results will come out in an official briefing no later than the end of this weekend.” He also stated, “The results will determine if Daesung killed Mr. Hyun, or if he was already dead from a hit-and-run accident beforehand.”

However, the official ended it with, “Although the official reports have not been released, we have received reports that Mr. Hyun, the motorcyclist, was found to have alcohol in his blood. If he was truly driving drunk, the accident may be attributed to his own negligence. Final results have not been released yet.”

As we said, we are going to release further news about this issue until it was cleared.