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CSJH’s Dana and Sunday finally finished their comeback after having a hiatus for four years. The two ladies nervously shared their thoughts and comments about their comeback on their first interview after KBS Music Bank.

Dana began, “I think we’re the oldest seniors here. A couple of junior singers stopped by to greet us with their CDs, and it made me wonder if time really flew by that fast.”

Sunday added, “There are a lot of cute, fresh new faces.” Dana said, “We were surprised at first, but also thankful to see that so many people were still waiting for us. We were in the middle of shooting our music video when the schedule sheet was leaked so it gave us a lot of strength.”

In regards with their comeback, Sunday said, “It’s true that we’re expecting to make some achievements since it’s our first comeback in four years. But what I felt during the hiatus was that the process is more important than the results. Preparing for a comeback during that long period allowed me to feel the importance of our staff, members, and fans. I want to create a memorable experience for my 20’s.”

Dana then finished with, “Idols are the trends now.  They’re pretty, and they’re an icon that many people can follow. What I want to show is that idols are singers too. I want to show everyone our vocal talents and be recognized for our musicality.”