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Sad news to the awaiting fans as the much anticipated comeback of Kpop group Co-Ed and the debut of their male unit was just confirmed to be move. On the recent post that member, Yoosung had stated, he revealed that the group’s comeback to the music industry will not be as it was reported. It was reported that their comeback will be on the month of July and so now it was potponed and will be move to another date.

Also, according to him, their comeback as well as the male unit debut has been pushed back to give way to T-ARA, Davichi, Hong Jinyoung and Yangpa’s promotional activities. Also on the same post, he asked for all of their fans to still have patience and give support for them as they will continue to prepare and further asked to support 5dolls last set of performances.

He ended his post with, “We’ll work hard until the male unit and Coed School comes back so thank you ~~!!”