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Yesterday, April 18th, it was reported that Korean group Co-Ed had marked their 200th day anniversary. Some of their members had uploaded a picture of their cake which symbolizes their celebration.

Member Hyewon had tweeted, “Thank you for celebrating the 200th day of Co-Ed! ^^ From now on, we will work even harder so please keep loving us~ The cake is so pretty haha”, Chanmi expressed, “I heard today is the 200th day since Co-Ed’s debut!!! I forgot about it but I remembered because the fans reminded us. I was so surprised. The cake is so pretty! Thank you ^^ We will repay you with a more progressed image?”, Eunkyo had written, “Ah Co-Ed’s 200th day!!! The cake looks so yummy haha I want to eat it fast. Thank you so much. We will keep being a hard-working Co-Ed!!!” and another member Yoosung had stated, “The fans gifted us so many things because today is the 200th day [since debut]. I was really happy to see the fans I’ve known since my trainee days. You guys gave me presents too.. Thank you. We will do well this year too. Thank you again.”

After posting those messages, the members had received much appreciation and more congratulatory words coming from their fans, there are some who had stated, “Co-ed whooo~ congratulations!!”, “the cake is so cute!! Fighting guys!!”, “we will always be here for all of you until you reached the 365th day!!! Congratulations!!”. “oh? 200th day already? Congratulations!!” and “wow, time seems to fly, isn’t it? Congratulations Co-ED!!!”

The latest news about the group is the debut of their sub-group 5dolls on 7th of February, 2011. 5dolls is consisting of the 5 girls of the groups since they are a mixed group with a total of 5 females and 6 males. On the 16th of February, 5dolls have released their music video for their song “Neo Mariya” (Your Words) alongside with their debut mini album entitled “Charming Five dolls”.

It is great to know that the group has been doing fine since their debut so Congratulations Co-ed School, do your best!!