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This fall will bring about a storm of comebacks from well-known artists. Brown Eyed Girls will be one of the groups returning to the stage. Just two weeks ago, we announced that the Brown Eyed Girls were determining their comeback date after selecting their comeback track.
According to an official from Nega Network, progress for Brown Eyed Girls‘ title track is going smoothly. The representative also stated, “They plan to make their comeback in October.”
After nearly two years of no new group releases, Brown Eyed Girls will make their comeback with songs that are intended to revolutionize the Korean music industry. In the past, Brown Eyed Girls has not failed to surprise fans with their unconventional songs; now, many people have expressed their high expectations for the girl group’s upcoming releases.
The girls have attempted to take on a completely new style, undergoing extensive preparation in order to ensure that the album’s quality matches that of their previous albums. It was previously stated that their new sound has not yet been heard anywhere else in Korea.
Brown Eyed Girls’ new songs are said to have an electronic vibe despite being based on funky jazz-dance rhythms. The girls’ characteristic sound will be evident by the track’s intense rhythm and melody, hopefully seeing the same frenzy that their hit song “Abracadabra” created after its release.
Starting in September, the K-pop industry will witness the comeback of immensely popular girl groups like KARA, SNSD, and Wonder Girls. With the Brown Eyed Girls in the running, fans can anticipate a fierce showdown between the girl groups.

credits:  koreaboo.com