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The Brown Eyed Girls were chosen for ‘The Star‘ ‘s 100th interview, and for the interview they openly and honestly answered the 11 questions they were asked. Check out their interview summary below!

‘Sixth Sense‘ is a track in which you can hear just how broad the girls’ vocal ranges are, and the song beings with JeA’s powerful high-pitched singing followed by Ga-in & Narsha.

Narsha remarked, “We think that upon hearing ‘Sixth Sense, the public will no longer categorize us with the other girl groups but rather acknowledge that we have successfully distinguished ourselves.”

And JeA who takes part in writing and composing her own songs revealed that she would like to write a song for idol group ‘Infinite‘. She stated, “They’re a group of diverse, talented singers. If they ever put in a request, I would so gladly write a song for them (laughs).” When Miryo was asked which idol group she would like to collaborate with, she also chose Infinite.

Ga-in was then asked which male actor she would like to film a melo-dramatic romance with. (Note: By melo-dramatic romance, ‘The Star‘ meant the kind that you watch with a box of kleenex, but Miryo and Narsha understood it completely differently as an R-rated sensuous romance, making Ga-in a bit hesitant before answering.) Ga-in then chose Song Kang Ho from the movie Blue Salt.

Narsha also picked Ki kwang of B2ST as the idol she would most like to keep as an adorable ‘pet’. Miryo and JeA agreed that he seemed like the nice, adorable little brother type.

The girls also responded well when asked random questions like, “How would you promote world peace?”. Their response was, “Recycle more. All four of us want to make sure every child in the world gets a proper education.” Miryo also added that once ‘Sixth Sense’ becomes a hit, the girls would like to travel the world performing, and help promote world peace.

‘The Star (www.the-star.co.kr)’ will be giving away autographed photos as well as the girls’ new album to a selected netizen who generously comments on the interview with the BEG. The winner will be announced on the 28th.