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Brian Joo is coming back!

After all of the wait, Brian Joo has just released a very challenging music video teaser for his mini album entitled “It Ended Amidst of Love”

The teaser had gained many reactions regarding the content of the teaser. There are some scenes that contain very passionate kisses, oppressive club dances, and violence. Netizens show their reactions by saying “I wonder if this will pass broadcast evaluations” and If the content is this provocative in just the teaser alone, I wonder if the full music video will be even more aggressive.”

Representatives coming from the singer’s agency recently commented, “Brian completed filming an enjoyable music video with a strong storyline. There is still one more teaser left, and we are sure that it will build even more anticipation for the full video’s release.”

This means that there will be another outstanding teaser that will be released. Fans are starting to guess what will be the outcome of the full video. There are some who says that Brian Joo can’t only be a good singer but also a good actor. Most of the fans can’t even wait for the second teaser by commenting “the teaser was so good, I hope the second one will be better” and “the teaser is so provocative and amazing, I can’t wait to see the second.” Stay tuned with the different sites and video browsers for the release of the second enormous, most awaited second teaser.

The full music video will be release maybe the day before the release of the mini album or on the same date as of its release. It was also announced that his mini album, “It ended Amidst of Love” will be release these upcoming 7th day of April. Support Brian Joo and purchase his new mini-album.