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Korea’s top hip hop producer Brave Brothers (Kang Dong Chul 32) has joined JTBC‘s ‘Made In U‘ program as a panel judge.

Brave Brothers has composed a number of hits such as Son Dambi‘s “Crazy” and “Saturday Night“, as well as Big Bang‘s “Last Farewell“. He is one of the top composer / producers today, earning more than $1 million in copyrights alone. He started as a no-name composer with 12 violent-related crimes on his record, and went through some unique obstacles to become the experienced composer and producer he is today. Viewers are looking forward to seeing him on ‘Made In U’, and ahead of the show, Ilgan Sports met with Brave Brothers to talk to him about his career.

-So you have joined ‘Made In U’ as a panel judge?

“I was attracted to the idea that it was a new kind of audition program where it incorporated communication with the viewers. If I were to just be another mentor who offered guidance to the contestants and taught them new skills, I probably would’ve turned the offer down. But on ‘Made In U’, I have the opportunity to be a producer, and an older brother figure to these hopefuls. My job is to lead them and help them grow.”

-What will be your own judging standards consist of?

“More than a strong set of vocal chords, I’m looking for potential and talent. A lot of times, you can see the talent in their expression when you first meet someone. I will attentively be reviewing all the contestants.”

-We heard that you enjoy being on TV programs more than the average celebrity.

“To be completely honest, I don’t really enjoy being on TV. But as a label CEO, if it helps my artists get their name out there, I will personally promote them on TV programs.”

-Some have pointed out that you are walking in the footsteps of CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk.

“Hyun Suk hyung is my mentor. I learned a lot about how to run a business after being under YG Entertainment for 7 years. It’s only natural that my work is similar to his own. It has been a huge blessing that I have been able to learn from a hyung who has such clear goals in his life. I have nothing but respect for him.”

-You and Shinsadong Tiger are rumored to be close friends as well as the biggest rivals.

“Girl group rivals SNSD and KARA are close friends too, aren’t they? Shinsadong Tiger was a little afraid of me in the beginning, and when I first started, I didn’t think it was necessary for me to be close to anyone in the same industry. But after we talked a few times, we realized that we communicate really well. He’s my closest dongseng with whom I can talk to most comfortably.”

-You were recently targeted online for your violent past.

“Yes, I know. I welcome any criticism in regards to my music, however, it’s unfair that people are judging me based on my past. There were 160 comments on an article about me owning a nightclub, half of which were insults and profanity.”

-Do you regret unveiling your past?.

“I always told myself that when I got famous, it would be better for me to personally confess my past, before someone else spoke out about it. The past can’t be changed, and it’s a part of me. There’s no reason to hide it.”