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They debuted only a few months ago in April, but Boyfriend is already showing signs of maturity with their recent “Don’t Touch My Girl” comeback.

Siting down for an interview with Star News, leader Donghyun stated, “Our debut stage was nerve-wracking, but I think we feel a lot more at ease now. We’ve been hearing that we’ve gotten a lot more masculine and tough. Do you think this is enough to be a dependable boyfriend?”

The members have undergone a huge image change. Instead of flashing his signature smile, Kwangmin now opts to speak with his strong gaze instead. “I’ve cut my hair shorter and practiced making masculine facial expressions every day,” he revealed.

Donghyun added, “We even bulked up for the album. I think our fans will be quite surprised to hear that we have muscles now.”

Recently, they’ve been earning attention from fans overseas. Japanese fans flew in to support the boys’ comeback stage, and more and more fans are beginning to visit them at their rehearsal studio. Considering how they haven’t promoted overseas yet, the attention is still foreign to them.

The group revealed, “We were really surprised to see fans from Japan, China, and Thailand at our fan signing. Online, we noticed a lot of fans from South America and the Middle East as well. Just the mere thought of becoming Hallyu stars excites us.”