Home » BoA enjoys the SM Town in Tokyo + her 10th year anniversary!
‘SM Town Live in Tokyo‘ was more than a family concert for solo singer BoA – it was also a celebration of her 10th debut anniversary. As one of the founders of the Hallyu wave, the star spoke up during the concert about being a leader of the K-Pop boom in Japan.

BoA began, “It’s not an easy feat to be able to perform at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, so I’m glad that not only am I able to stand on this stage, but that I’m here with my seniors and juniors from SM Town. It’s especially meaningful for me in that I’m performing here soon to mark my 10th anniversary.”

Reflecting back to her debut, she commented, “Ten years ago, there was no Hallyu, and it was rare to see Korean artists performing on Japanese stages.  I had to constantly endure things I wasn’t used to and I was really lonely. Compared to my friends who are making Japanese advancements now, I was at a disadvantage.”

She continued, “I get jealous sometimes seeing juniors advance into Japan. I think it’s great that they’re able to show exactly the type of music, performance, and personal color in just the way they want it.”

BoA concluded, “I’ve been promoting in Japan for 10 years, but I’m really not lonely anymore.  The fact that I’m able to fill up the Tokyo Dome with the seniors and juniors I love is just happiness in itself for me.”