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KAT-TUN’s former group member, Akanishi Jin who is Japanese just recently joined Twitter for about a week ago, but he immediately showed his popularity by tweeting with his fellow celebrities, such Shirota Yu, Shirota Jun, BENI, Crystal Kay and the most remarkably is BoA. At first, there are many who say that the account of the singer is forged but hours after, Shirota Yu welcomed him in the social networking site and one of his backup dancer confirmed that it was really Akanishi Jin.

BoA has been especially mentioned in his tweets right from the very start, after a few hours since he made his account, the two of them, BoA and Jin are already ‘flirting’ with each other. BoA started it by replying to the latter’s tweet to her by saying “Jin_bakanishi!! LOl I just followed you!!”. Then Jin replied to her, “Don’t be rude BOAHO”. After that, it seems that there are some people that misunderstood them and started to fight Jin but he clarify it later, “ppl’s assumptions amuse me. cuz somebody thought I called BoA “a ho” educate urself “aho” means idiot n Japanese idiot lol.” Their interactions continue as BoA tweeted about some girls are waiting for him in the airport and she did not know how those girls knew her schedule, yet Jin commented here that he was the one who told them, but of course it is just a joke. BoA replied that he was sweet and she should also tell his fans as well.

Akanishi Jin then commented, “don’t bully me BoAho. What do you think peeps, is she the girl that bullys the boy she likes? Lol sorry BoA chan I already have a crush ~” and in reply to that BoA only say, “whatever :p”

Whatever will be the relationship of this two popular singers, even they come from different race, it is amazing to see them interacting without any barriers at all and they are free to say whatever they want to each other, and the only bonus points to the fans is that they are talking in English.

Check their Twitter Account here!

Jin Akanishi’s Twitter Account

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