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As you may know, recently, Bekah of After School was revealed to be graduating from the girl group this coming 1st of July. Since she is an original member, she will also be the first one to officially graduate. After School has a special kind of graduation system in which they allows Pledis entertainment to “admit” and “graduate” members.

Regarding her graduation, the entertainment agency just released some graduation themed photos of Bekah while wearing a cap and gown alongside with other members. In one of the photo, the membes are shown to be pulling on her to stop her from leaving. One of the representatives said that photoshoot were taken to have a positive athmosphere and so the girls showed their own views for Bekah by fighting over on the position to sit beside her.

The group is also reported having a graduation party on Saturday, a day after the announcement of her withdrawal. Staff and of course the members showed all the memories that they had and so created tears and laughters around them. Bekah also shared a very heartfelt message to them and stated her future plans.

on the other hand, Bekah is set to release a self composed song and will still attend the fan meeting of the group this 9th of July.