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We have another comeback to anticipate! And it’s from a popular kpop boy group: BEAST!


Cube Entertainment’s Beast releases a video teaser on October 6 for the upcoming comeback track of Beast. The video teaser consists of 14 second black and white video with waves as the main background and while the waves are coming to the shore, the numbers 1016 that was engraved in the sand was erased and the numbers 1230 appeared. Beast 10161230 was the title of the said video. The video also consists of an audio that also a hint for all the fans on what to expect for Beast’s comeback song/album. Other teaser pictures and videos will be released in the coming days.

Netizens analyzed the video hint as 1016 would be the date of the release and 123o might be the time of the release. But nothing has been confirmed by Cube Entertainment nor the members of Beast. What do you think about these hints?

This comeback will be for their seventh mini album.

Are you excited for this comeback? What are your thoughts on this hint? It’s time to save up once again for oppars new album right?