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During an interview that took place at the ‘200 Pounds Beauty‘ practice room at the Musical House in Seoul, former S.E.S leader Bada revealed, “During our S.E.S days, Shoo and Eugene wore a size 44 (0-2 US size), but I always wore a 66 (8-10 in US)“.

“I wanted to wear more fashionable and cute clothing but I couldn’t because of my size. I was so stressed out because I was so much bigger than the other members. I was in the public eye at the peak of my adolescence, and I was terribly insecure about my body“, she revealed.

“As I worked on this musical, I was able to identify with a lot of the things my character felt and experienced, and it was a good opportunity to heal some past scars… I still work hard to maintain a slim figure. I’m always watching what I eat“, she continued.

The musical ’200 Pounds Beauty’ is based on the hit 2006 South Korean comedy film and Japanese manga ‘Kanna-San, Daiseikou Desu‘ where the main female character ‘Han Byul’ has a beautiful voice but is afraid to be in the public eye because of her heavy-set frame. She suddenly undergoes a transformation, turning into a beautiful woman.