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After performing the final stage of their follow-up track “Cleansing Cream” on this week’s ‘Music Bank’, the Brown Eyed Girls sat down with My Daily and expressed their thoughts on ending their promotions for their 4th album.

Commenting on their two-month long album promotions, the girls explained, “Our fans who waited so long for us told us our 4th album promotions were too short, but we didn’t feel it was short at all. That’s why we put forth all our energy for all the people who’ve loved and supported the Brown Eyed Girls.”

They continued, “Due to our pre-scheduled overseas promotions, shortening our official comeback promotions like this was inevitable. We’re very sad ourselves that our official promotions had to come to an end.”

“With that said, we still have a lot of Korean schedules to fulfill until January of next year. All of us are looking forward to enjoying our upcoming performances with our fans,” said the members.

When asked what they found most difficult during their promotional period, the girls answered, “What was especially hard for all members was the live singing.”

They elaborated, “There were times when a venue’s sound system wasn’t suitable for a live stage, and when it’s really bad, we’d have no choice but to lip sync. But every one of our performances during these promotions was live. That’s why our voices aren’t in very good condition right now.”

The girls also added that they found it especially hard to sing when their stages were installed with various pyrotechnics, which gave off heavy fumes.

Not only that, but the members felt their stamina declined considerably due to the heavy demands of their powerful choreography. “People who watched our performances would’ve felt it too,” they said.

To conclude,  the Brown Eyed Girls stated, “There seems to be a lot of fans who are disappointed that we had to end our promotions so soon, but you only need to wait a little while longer until Miryo andJea release their own solo albums. Because we got to rest a lot before these promotions, we’re thinking of holding more concerts and fan meetings for our fans in the future. Us members are looking forward to it, too.”