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They say that we are a powerful new rookie group, and although it’s a bit burdensome, we will work to exceed your expectations. Our fame hasn’t really sunk in yet, but we do know that our fan cafe members are growing by the day, which we are utterly grateful for. Thank you so much. We currently have 2,000 members (laughs).” (Daehyun)

OSEN was curious as to know what their secret was; how did they have so many fans just a week after debuting?

I think my appeal is that I seem approachable, and I think I have a smooth image. Haha. This is really embarrassing to say on my own. Also, Jong Up is a really talented dancer and he is really pure and innocent. He also has this quirky side to him that people find attractive. Daehyun is really good looking, and Yong Guk has this extremely charismatic side that comes out as soon as he steps on stage, and even I think he is pretty cool. Young Jae is really responsible and meticulous about everything he does. Our maknae Zelo is adorable and tall, so he gets the support from our nuna fans. He’s also an extremely talented rapper.” (Himchan)

The members have all dyed their hair platinum blonde. They have personally participated in their stage ensembles, their concept, as well as writing and composing their songs on the album in order to express their unique colors.

I like the platinum blonde look. All six of us are really unique, and we wanted to prevent ourselves from being too different, because we wanted a ‘team’ image on stage. Our company listens to our opinions, and Yong Guk hyung who wrote all the songs on our album is really serious and determined, as are the rest of us.” (Young Jae)