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After attending Girl’s Day‘s Japanese concert earlier this week, the vice-president of the Oricon chart, Akiyoshi Yoneya, sang high praises about the girls in his interviews with the Japanese press.

When asked what he thought of the girls’ concert, he stated, “There are so many Hallyu artists promoting in Japan, but I feel that Girl’s Day has a unique visual and performance style that’s unseen in the others. As you could see at the concert, they had more male fans attend than female fans, which is a differentiating factor in itself. They feel fresh to me and not like a [typical] idol.”

He continued, “I read their research information before I met them, and I thought they were merely a pretty idol group that had fun performances. Seeing them now, I realize that not only are they visually impressive, but they excel in singing and dancing as well. I also feel that they went through rigorous training.”

Asked about the group’s potential for success in Japan, Akiyoshi answered, “I think that they will have a very high success rate if they bring out a charm unseen in other girl groups and promote with a Japanese song. Their individual stages at the concert demonstrated that they’re able to take on a variety of images from cute to sexy, which plays to their advantage.”

And what did he feel were Girl’s Day’s personal charms? “They’re multi-talented,” he said. “There’s a lot of room to work with. More than anything, they know what their strengths are and they expand on that. They’re a unified group that has the potential to show five colors at once, as well as create unit groups within themselves, which is what I believe their charm point is.”