Home » 2ne1’s CL in a hanbok!

2NE1’s Sandara Park posted a photo of their leader, CL, posing nicely in a hanbok. On August 12th, Sandara wrote on her me2day, “Omo omo omo! Look who it is~! A gift to her fans! Ppabam! The gentle baby Lyn! Kya~! A gift from her grandmother in order to celebrate her coming of age day! ‘Grandmother thank you! Chu Chu!’ from Lyn!”

Sandara continues her post with, “Her hands are nicely folded. Now all she has left to do is get married, our Chaerinie~! But us unnies are first, understand?”

Netizens responded, “We love our strong Chaerin,” “Transformed into a nice woman,” and “Wearing the hanbok makes you look beautiful.”