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ZE:A member Siwan reveals the reason as to why he fainted on the set of the upcoming film “Thinking of My Older Brother.”

On the recent airing of the radio talk show, “Cultwo Show,” Siwan reveals the details as to why he fainted while filming a fight scene with co-star Lee Hwee Joon.

It has been the second time that Siwan had hurt himself for the filming of the movie. Previously, he revealed that his forehead was cut open after he was practicing with a fake sword and had to get treatment for his injury.


The DJ asks him, “We heard that you had a fighting scene with Lee Hwee Joon and that you fainted when he strangled your neck.”

Siwan then responds, “I was only out for a couple of seconds. Hwee Joon hyung is the kind who would go all out when he is acting. Which is why I went along without any hesitation. I put my trust in him. However, I did not know that I actually faint.”

Siwan then jokes, “It did not hurt when my neck was strangled, however, when the paramedic applied first aid, it hurt so much that I had to reject the first aid.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming film “Thinking of My Older Brother” is expected to air on February. It also stars Lee Hwee Joon, Go Ah Sung, Lee Re, Jeong Joon Won and more. It is directed by Han Lee.


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