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If you were be able to saw her as the part of the best female selling group of Korea during her time, who would think that she is now ready to walk in the aisle and be tied forever to her soon to be lawful husband. She started her acting career in the year 2002, no one would not know that this beautiful and young Yoo Jin of that time will be now getting married to the actor Ki Tae-yeong. The couple are confirmed to make their vows this coming July.

Yoo Jin and Ki Tae-yeong had recently written on their respective fan cafes on the morning of May 11th that both of them are finally getting married. After that, their managements had then officially announced the marriage as well. If you would get back in the past, the two had met on the MBC Weekend drama, “Creating Destiny” and had soon developed a relationship and now they are finally getting married. It is just only a year of you will sum up, yet the destiny still holds them.

The marriage will be taking place as a church services privately and with only some invited close friends and of course the families of the two parties.  As the celebrity wedding specialist Yuna Kim who has the overall assistance in this wedding had stated that this is a devout church wedding yet will be a beautiful one with a unique style. Yoo Jin’s management company G.G Entertainment and Ki Tae-yeong’s company J Star Entertainment will be going to release more details through an official press conference soon. This official press conference was stated to take place on the 23rd of May at the publishing anniversary party of Yoo Jin’s second book for “Get It Beauty”.

On the other hand, Yoo Jin is currently the MC in the On Style “Get It Beauty” program and is a CEO for an internet shopping mall. Ki Tae-yeong has just recently finished his project “Royal family” and still currently finding the next offer. This two really look good together as we wish for both of them to have a great family in the future.