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JYJ’s Yoochun and his brother Yoohwanwere both in the field of acting right now. Yoochun is is acting in MBC’s Monday/Tuesday drama “Miss Ripley” as Song Yoohyun, Jang Miri’s lover and the successor of a global resort empire. Yoohwan is currently acting as Han Seowoo in the MBC weekend series “Sparkling.”

Jang Yong, who appears in “Sparkling” as Park Yoohwan’s half-brother, also appears in “Miss Ripley” as Park Yoochun’s father.
Yoochun also posted on his twitter,  “Who would have known that Han Seowoo’s brother is my father?”

A representative from his agency stated, “Whenever he has time, Yoohwan has been attending action and horse-riding classes, showing his passion for his upcoming drama,” and “Though he didn’t have a big role in ‘Sparkling,’ he is working hard with the heart of a rookie to do his best, no matter what role he takes on next.”