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On August 19th, PD Cho Hyo Jin of SBS’s ‘Running Man‘ sat down for an interview with Star News and shared his praise for actress Shin Se Kyung.

PD Cho Hyo Jin began, “We were recently able to work with Shin Se Kyung on ‘Running Man’. Yoo Jae Suk-ssi was in a team with her, and throughout the shoot, he repeatedly said, ‘Se Kyung is so funny.’”

The PD continued, “I’ve always known Shin Se Kyung for her coy image, but after working with her, I was able to see just how outgoing and hard working she is. She also surprised our staff with her daring nature.
Overall, it was an extremely fun and enjoyable recording.”

When asked why they recorded the episode all the way in Jeju Island, he replied, “Jeju Island is currently receiving a lot of interest for being nominated as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Since the weather was great, we decided to capture its beauty. We filmed in an area that isn’t well-known by tourists, so please look forward to it.”