Home » Naul says “I will marry Han Hye-jin in 1-2 years”

With the line of numerous artists that will be going to marry this year, there are still some who are still planning and waiting for the right time in the near future. As we all know that he is the member of Brown Eyed Souls and the boyfriend of actress Han Hye Jin, Naul had recently spoken about his plans of marriage with the actress.

On the MBC FM4U “Starry Night” (91.9 Mhz), he had stated, “I am thinking of marriage this year or the next”, on the question from his co-worker and friend Echo Bridge. He also continued, “I am thinking about the song for the wedding but I don’t think I’ll be singing at my own wedding”.

Regarding his appearance in the program “I Am A Singer” he had commented, “I am pressured to sing on TV but not only that program but others as well”. DJ Jeong Yup had a great time with Naul who does not usually show up on the radio shows as well as the other members of the group which are Yeong Joon and Seong Hoon. The group had also sand a very cheerful song.

Even though he does not clearly said the name of Han Hye Jin, many said that she will be it since she is the current girlfriend of the singer. Regarding this, fans are very happy to know as they are supportive to the marriage of the two. Some had commented, “wow~ I wanna know if he had already proposed~”, “waaa!! I so going to support their wedding”, “so cute~ I want to hear that song”, “another wedding of the country!!!” and “if they will be married, I will wish them all the best and many babies to come!! Kekeke~”