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Actor Lee Min Ho was recently involved in a car accident while on the set of his current drama, City Hunter. On 13th of June, one of his representative had stated, “Today on the 13th at around 3:30 PM, there was an accident involving a partial destruction of a vehicle at a ‘City Hunter‘ filming near a lake in Ilsan. Even though the air bags burst upon strong impact and the front part of the car was completely smashed, Lee Min Ho fortunately did not receive any significant injuries.”

On the picture that was revealed, it was clearly shown that the car’s front was smashed heavily and may led to a more serious situation. His representative also added, “After the accident, Lee Min Ho was transported to a nearby hospital and has returned home to rest at around 6 PM after being cleared from any major injuries from test results. The filming has stopped completely and will resume depending on how this situation develops.” Alongside with him, there is also a staff member who is injured and were treated in the hospital.

The CP of City Hunter, Kim Young Seop stated,  “We will have to see when we can resume filming depending on Lee Min Ho’s condition. This car chase scene amounted to around 7 – 8 minutes of footage but this interruption will not affect the broadcast schedule for this week.”