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Actor Lee Je Hoon reveals his thoughts on the hit movie “Architecture 101.”

On the recent broadcast of “Happy Together,” Lee Je Hoon talks about his acting career. He reveals, “‘The Front Line’ was the last film which I had to audition for. The director of ‘Architecture 101’ saw the film and offered me the role. It was my first time to receive a casting offer.”

He also reveals, “I have never imagined that many people would watch ‘Architecture 101.’ I thought that people who could relate to the story would like it since the film is very tranquil. It turns out that many people loved it.”

Actress Moon Hee Kyung, who was also a guest in the episode, reveals, “Director Lee Young Joo was the director of ‘Architecture 101.’ I previously worked with him for my first movie ‘Living Death,’ it went down the drain. He came to me and said that his second film is going to be ‘Architecture 101’ and asked me for advice on a scenario. I thought that the film was going to do poorly since the title sounded funny.”

Lee Je Hoon 3Lee Je Hoon then says, “The director had been holding on to that scene for nine years. It was really an honor to have starred in it.”

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Aside from “Architecture 101,” Lee Je Hoon is also known for his roles in the films, “The Front Line,” “My Paparotti,” “An Ethics Lesson” and “Ghost Sweepers.”

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