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Actor Lee Byung Hun officially apologizes for the blackmailing scandal which happened last year.

Previously, Lee Byung Hun has gained attention after he had reported to the police that he was being blackmailed by former GLAM member Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon.

It has been revealed that the two women have threatened the actor that they would release a video with questionable content if he would not pay 5 billion KRW ($ 5 million USD) to them.

The two women have ended up on probation while Lee Byung Hun was criticized by many for the unethical actions towards his wife Lee Min Jung.

On July 24, Lee Byung Hun attended a press conference for the film “Memories of the Sword”. Prior to the actors going on stage, he reveals, “Even when I was filming in America, I thought each day about what I should say.”

“The reason why I could be able to live as actor Lee Byung Hun is because of your attention. While I am being repentant after giving you a huge disappointment, I realize how important it is now,” he continues.

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Lee Byung Hun adds,“I know that the disappointment could not be mended with a number of apologies or time. I would always have a repentant mind and I would not forget and try my best to be able to make up for the hurt and disappointment that I have given to many people.”

“I would also like to extend my apologies to the staff and associates who have worked with me for the movie. I know that dealing with any criticism is my responsibility alone,” Lee Byung Hun reveals, he adds, “I only hope that their hard work is not overshadowed because of me.”

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Meanwhile, the movie “Memories of the Sword” is set to premiere on August 13.