Home » Kim Soo Hyun beats Lee Min Ho in people’s pick for CF King of November ; turns down drama ‘Dr. Frankenstein’


Korean Federation of Advertising revealed last Dec 5 that actor Kim Soo Hyun has become the CF King being picked up by the netizens as CF model of November.

The votes from Nov 1 to 30 from the homepage of the Organization resulted as follows 68,621 votes for Kim Soo Hyun and 31,336 votes for Lee Min Ho.


However, there will be another project lined up for Kim Soo Hyun next year, being an actor.

Kay East Entertainment stated to the media outlet “The Fact” last Dec 5 ” “In order to be active as an actor starting next year, Kim Soo Hyun is looking over scenarios carefully.  He is working hard to choose his next production, whether it is a movie or a drama.  He isn’t being picky about whether it’s a production outside or inside Korea as he reviews them, but Kim Soo Hyun wants to be close to his Korean fans.  Currently he is in Beijing for CF promotions. He plans to reenter Korea on December 6.

It was previously reported that he might be in “Dr. Frankenstein” but also told that he declined the offer.

Stay tuned for updates.