Home » Kangin admitted first kiss scene with Park Se Young was done even before getting to know her


In a conference for the movie “Cat Funeral” which starred  Super Junior‘s Kangin he admitted that he had took the kiss scene with Park Se Young first before knowing her personally.

He also stated that, “Rather than coming to the press conference thinking about getting judged on the movie, I just thought of it as meeting with the director, the production team, and Park Se Young. There’s a lot of skinship in the script with Park Se Young, and we actually kissed before bec Kangin also revealed that the two had gotten closer through kiss scenes and filming in the cold weather. He said, “It was really cold when we were filming and because there were a lot of kissing scenes and touching, it became more comfortable to wrap ourselves under the blanket during breaks.” 

The actor even raised a cat at the back yard of the dorm and that making the film and the actor look nicer from the clips.  

However, the movie ‘Cat Funeral,’ was based on a webtoon of the same title having its first showing on the 15th of January.