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Huh Ye Eun who has appeared in the controversial tvN reality show “Let Me In”, which is about beauty makeovers and plastic surgery, is reported to have gotten her first role in the big screen.

In the second season of “Let Me In”, Huh Ye Eun appears as an applicant and was chosen to have a beauty makeover. She underwent plastic surgery to be able change her face which then made her completely unrecognizable from her previous look. Aside from the surgery, she was also trained for regular workouts and employment counseling as well.

Huh Ye Eun let me in

With a new life and confidence, Hun Ye Eun is said to be beginning her life again as an actress. Her current agency, Catsbe reveals, “Huh Ye Eun was casted in the upcoming Korea-America collab film ‘Dead Again’. After she appeared on ‘Let Me In’, she has been preparing to become an actress.”

Huh Ye Eun also expresses her determination in making her big break in the acting industry and says, “After going through the first round of auditions and meeting with Director Silverman, I was then officially casted in the film. I would like to confidently show myself as an actress.”

Meanwhile, the upcoming Korea-America collaboration film “Dead Again” is a horror movie regarding the destruction of a person who has become obsessed over love. The film would be starring ZE:A member Dongjun and actress Joo Da Young as the lead characters.

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