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Actress Go Ara talks about her leading man Yoo Seung Ho in their upcoming film “The Magician” through CeCi magazine.

On the recent interview and pictorial for the cover of both the Korean and Chinese issue of Ceci magazine, Go Ara reveals what makes Yoo Seung Ho a good man.

Go Ara and Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in the upcoming film, “The Magician,” she then reveals on the interview, “Yoo Seung Ho and I have started acting since we were young. We have the same memory of being the maknae on set. We also have the habit of arriving right on time and bringing the energy on set which is why we matched well together.”

She adds, “As soon we started, Yoo Seung Ho approached me comfortably and said that I feel like a sister. On set, he would call me, ‘Noona, noona’.”

“However, when filming began, he seems like a reassuring actor. He seemed like a strong man with a lot of consideration for other people. There was this time when we were filming at night in the middle of winter, strung on wires for 24 hours straight. He pulled the wire towards him more so it would hurt me less, and then when filming ended, he says ‘wow.’ Seeing him endure the pain have made me think that he is a strong man who is considerate of others,” Goo Ara adds.

Meanwhile, the film “The Magician” is set to premiere in December 30.

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