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Now that the Halloween season has come, it is time to gather up your friends and watch some scary Korean horror films that will keep you on your toes, give you goose bumps and scare the daylights out of you!

For our list today, we bring you a collection of five notable Korean horror films that you should watch.

Take a look at our list of ‘Top 3 Korean Horror Movies That You Should Watch’ and feel free to tell us your thoughts on the list!



A journalist starts to investigate the whereabouts of the original owner of her phone number after receiving strange and threatening calls.
Why you should watch it:
The movie stars Ha Ji Won, which earned her the title, “Asia’s Horror Princess.”






A Tale of Two Sisters

After being admitted from a psychiatric hospital, the two sisters return home where they start to experience disturbing events involving their passive father and a new stepmother.
Why you should watch it:
“A Tale of Two Sisters” is named as the highest-grossing Korean horror film and the first to be screened in American theaters. It also inspired the American film, “The Uninvited.”





Whispering Corridors

The ghost of a student comes back to seek revenge and protect her friends.
Why you should watch it:
The film started the explosion of the Korean horror genre. It is also the first installment of the ‘Whispering Corridors film series.’





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