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EXO member D.O reveals his thoughts on working with actor Jo Jung Suk for the film, “Hyung.”

On October 26, a press conference was made for the upcoming film. The EXO member complimented Jo Jung Suk, who plays his older brother in the film, by saying, “He is always serious and relaxed. However, when he starts acting, he is humorous and flexible.”

“I want to resemble him,” he added.

Jo Jung Suk then responded that he is looking forward to seeing how D.O grows as an actor in the future.

D.O was then asked, “Seeing how you got immersed in your character, wasn’t Jo Jung Suk unlikeable to you in real life?”

The actor then responded, “There were many times when I really did hate him,” making everyone burst into laughter. He added, “He was really detestable. I hated him for a lot of times.”

D.O then explained, “I was always impressed by Jo Jung Suk’s image like this. How could his acting be like this? I was only surprised watching him.”

The upcoming film, “Hyung” is set to be released on November 30. Aside from D.O and Jo Jung Suk, the film also stars Park Shin Hye, Son San and Kim Kang Hyun.

Meanwhile, the EXO member is also known for his roles in the movies, “Pure Love” and “Cart.” As well as in the dramas, “EXO Next Door” and “It’s Okay, That’s Love.”

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