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Block B leader Zico talks about his “Show Me the Money 4” experience and why he suffered from an identity crisis.

On the recent broadcast of tvN’s “Taxi,” rappers Zico and Zion.T appeared as special guests.

In the particular episode, Zico reveals that he has suffered an identity crisis following his appearance on “Show Me the Money 4” one of the judges. He goes to say, “Zion.T has established himself in the indie scene. There were only a few judgments against him. However, I am active in the idol market, and I did not really showcase much on my own. When I chose to go on ‘Show Me the Money 4,’ a lot of people said, ‘Who do you think you are to be a judge?’ I also got cursed out a lot.”

Zico further reveals, “I did not go to the program with the goal of showing what a good rapper I am. However, I wanted to show that I can make decent tracks as a producer.”

The Block B member also says, “At that time when I was on ‘Show Me the Money 4,’ I would curse as I judged other rappers. However, as soon as I stepped off the set, I went back to my idol activities. I got confused about who I really am.”

Meanwhile, the new season of “Show Me the Money” would be aired on May 13.


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