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ZEA’s leader Lee Hoo started to tweet again with mysterious messages that seems related to his past tweets last month regarding ZEA and his agency Star Empire. Last month he threathened the CEO of their agency that he will expose all the secrets if the agency will not give what he is requesting for his group. And after sincere talks he also tweeted and Star Empire also released an official statement that the issue have been settled and they will continue with their activities and give ZEA what they want. But today, October 15, ZEA’s Lee Hoo once again tweeted with :

“D-7, 10/21, after [play on his name ‘Lee Hoo’] 9/21”.

Then uploaded a picture that seems like his income statement with the caption:


“Don’t believe everything you see. Don’t believe it. D-7 #ZEA #moonjunyoung #leehoo #september21 #since_it’s_october_let’s_say_things_honestly #october21”

He then deleted the picture that seems like his income statement but retweeted some fans’ tweets regarding the income statement:

“So if you take out the tax from the 33 million KRW that was received, then that’s about 3.2 million KRW. If you then proportion that 1/n (number of members) then that means the income is around 290,000 KRW (~ 272 USD). Everyone, Star Empire is just too much”.


But a few hours  later he removed the retweets. That seems like he has talked to their agency again and have settled his issue.

It seems that he’s revealing their income and making known to public that they are not earning a lot although they gained popularity as what he have mentioned last month when he was settling issues with the CEO and agency. Do you think this might be another scandal again in a few weeks? We hope that they can settle all the unfair issues of each so that their won’t be another lawsuit/disbandment or a drop in a group.