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ZE:A member Kwanghee becomes a player in KBS 2TV’s quiz program “1 Vs. 100” and shares about getting his own car after joining ‘Infinity Challenge’.

Kwanghee shares, “Members Siwan and Hyungsik, who would shoot dramas, had their own minivans,” he continues, “Now, I have my own van too. Thank you.” He reveals that his agency Star Empire has gifted him a van after he joins the cast of hit variety show ‘Infinity Challenge’ as the sixth man.

Kwanghee will be filling the spot which was vacated by comedian Noh Hong Chul.

Other competitors for the spot were Jang Dong MinHong Jin Kyung, Kang Kyun Sung of Noel and Siwon of Super Junior. The cast members of the show voted and Kwanghee was elected as the new member after he gains three votes.


Despite being chosen, Kwanghee has received criticisms from netizens and a petition for him to leave the show has emerged. Netizens stated that he is a close friend and is under the same agency as Yewon, who was recently involved in a controversy after using informal language and not apologizing to a her senior actress Lee Tae Im. Netizens are worried that Kwanghee might also cause problems for the show in the future.

The producers of ‘Infinity Challenge’ has defended Kwanghee and believed that he would be able to do well on the show.

Meanwhile, the episode “1 vs. 100” where Kwanghee will be playing will air on April 28, so be sure to watch out for it!